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                                           WELLCOME TO  THE  ALGARVE


                                                                                         "REGION WITH RICH PAST, VIBRANT PRESENT AND BRIGHT FUTURE "

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The Algarve is Portugal's southernmost region, and one of the most popular vacation and second residency destinations in Europe. Blessed with a superb coastline and some of the country's loveliest beaches, the province enjoys hot mild breeze  summers and short, mild winters.

The Algarve is a land of contrast from contemporary lifestyle property types to more traditional rustic appeal  suitable to all tastes and wallets. More than fifty percent of all visitors to Portugal spend their holidays here. The popular and more developed Central Algarve offers lively coastal resorts, first-rate tourist amenities, and some of Portugal's best golf courses .Further in Eastern Algarve part , a string of sandbar islands and lagoons form part of a beautiful and protected natural park, and a distinctive Portuguese traditional  atmosphere pervades the border towns and villages. On other hand , Western part has a very different Algarve beckons. Wilder and more remote, this is a place to escape the crowds and where surfers seek communion with a restless Atlantic Ocean.


Number of passengers arrivals in Faro in 2015 -6.4 million 

Number of Blue Flags accredited by Europian Blue Flag Association :85

Golf Courses :35

Number of friendly people : uncounted  and growing :-)

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