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All User content and / or services that you / the lady receives or takes, or transfer the use of the Website, including, among others, the use of any jurisdiction, are in its sole discretion and shall be conducted exclusively for its risk, and are subject to the exclusions and liability limitations set forth in these terms and conditions.We can not guarantee the security of this website and User content.

You are solely responsible for all damage (including in Site content) resulting from any use or user of streaming content or website content, among other things, disputes and cases described in the above paragraphs, and caused of connected transactions or events.

Without wishing to restrict the generality of the above paragraph, you, the material exceeding these limits may be deleted or not accepted for storage in this way.The storage space of resale offered on this website, by users is prohibited.

You / the Lord confirms that the Utilities, and any accompanying documentation and / or information techniques may be subject to certain control laws export and regulations.Mr. / Mrs. agree not to export or re-export directly or indirectly utilities, representing a breach of any such laws or regulations.

The decisive law may prohibit in all cases the exclusions of liability of this passage.For apply the exclusions of liability of this passage the maximum extent permissible, corresponding to the determinations of the decisive law.

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