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Access to this Website and its use, including contemplation, loading, reproduction, presentation, "posting" and publication of data, graphics, images, photographs, designs, descriptions, information, and text combinations video, audio, music and sounds, utilities, software (including "applets") and combinations of software, drivers and other utility programs (as defined below), e-mail content with informative reports or similar information as the transmission, are prohibited if they are not expressly allowed under these terms and conditions. This is true with regard to the application of all means, including electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording devices and other means.

Grants limited to user authorization to access to this Website and its contents, and your personal use, not for commercial use of the same as technical resource and communication, only for the purposes set out in this Website, provided that all the laws of copyright and copyright are preserved (if existing) on ​​the content of the Website.

All other uses of the Website, including the use for other purposes than those mentioned above, as well as the modification, sale, transmission and electronic transfer of the Website (except "caching" pages), the new publication or engineering reverse is prohibited without the prior written consent (if this prohibition is not excluded 

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