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Process for buying and selling real estate

When you find your property and want to make an offer to the seller, instruct us to represent your best interests. With our experience and professionalism in mediating the offer we can get the best result.

After your assessment of the property can choose to buy the house for two different ways.

The first is following the traditional process . In this process, the first step is to hire a lawyer to help and check the legality of the operation. When both parties agree on price and terms, we will be happy to recommend an experienced lawyer and other professionals. Normally, we always recommend to our clients that obtain a pre approved credit as this will give you a huge advantage if you need to complete the deal quickly. If you have not yet approved credit and need help please contact us because we can help you get credit with very reasonable rates.

The second step is the signing of the Promise Contract Purchase which is prepared by a lawyer and signed by both parties. It is also, as a rule, at this stage that the signal for the house is done.

After the Purchase and Sale Agreement is necessary to pay the tax is imposed on the Onerous Transfer of Real Estate (IMT) . This value depends on the property price, the type of use that will give the property and the location of it. Also both parties undertake to carry out provisional registration during the period established in the Promissory Contract Purchase.

The buyer has to necessarily go to the provisional registration of acquisition, mortgage and obtain a content certificate for this should move to the Registrar Property Location Land need to take with the passbook Building urban . The next step is the celebration the Scripture of the house . To perform the act need a notary. This process completes the transfer of a property of the current owner, the seller, and the current buyer. For the celebration takes the seller and the buyer, or the representation by a lawyer. It can also also be necessary a representative of the bank. When buying the property is subject to a bank loan, it is made ​​a provisional registration in favor of the bank. This is done to protect the bank and the buyer.

To end the to hand the registration of the Property Deed in the Land Registry. For the seller who wishes to settle the loan can go to the bank. At the end of this operation the Bank issues the "distrate mortgage" which states that the customer definitely settled the debt by the bank no longer has any rights over the property. This document must be delivered to the Registrar to cancel the mortgage registration thus completing the process of purchase / sale of the property.For more information on IMT and IMI consult the website: 

Portal of Finance .


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