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                            Personalised property seach

 Investing in your own future is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life.

Thinking of early retirement? Diversifying your investments? Already retired? Fell in-love with sunny Algarvian weather  friendly people and laid back,no-hassle  life style?  Extended stays abroad? Or simply love the European way of life?  We

are thinking about the future, just like you and Algarve property market is in "right"   fase to take advantage of it-good time to enter now to rip benefits later.

Medida Plausivel Mediaçao Imobiliaria Unip lda  under  trade mark PONT HOMES ™  is a  small modest portuguese  company founded in 2011  at the beginning to  buy ,update/renovate  and re-sell its own properties and in 2014 a Real Estate Licence to operate was obtained .

Located in the heart of Algarve  in the cosmopolitan town of Vilamoura we will be delighted to meet you in our office

Whatever type of property you are looking for  rural or urban location  we offer you our  service  presenting our direct listed properties and off market opportunities.  Also we collaborate with most of our colleague  agencies on your behalf in order to find right property for you.

                                           Property market in Central Algarve is on rise again - Give us a call !  



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